Waterfalls is a surreal short film about finding escape and a form of release in the excitement of nightlife. After a long time stuck in lockdown, a yearning rage to party erupted in today’s youth. Our central character meets her rage head on as she immerses herself into the atmosphere. Inhabiting a ghostlike body, she trips and floats freely through the witching hours.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Producer & Director: Donnagh Fitzpatrick
Cinematography: Kevin Minogue
Colour Grade: Leandro Arouca (Element Post Production)
Writer: Donnagh Fitzpatrick
Editor: Donnagh Fitzpatrick
PA: MacDarragh & Fergus Fitzpatrick
Production: House 9 Films

Performance by: Malachy Sammon

Aiesha Wong
Eibhlin Lee
Hector Lopez
Siobhán Matshazi
Conor Fitzpatrick
Maria Da Paixao
Hollie Eve


Genre: Surreal / Music Video
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Length in minutes: 4.16
YEAR: 2023