Restare Umani

Two prostitutes working in their rented apartment find themselves in full isolation due to a pandemic, with no way out and no outside help. Luckily, the landlady seems to take care of them bringing them food. However, the situation worsens, the apartment door turns out to be impossible to open, and the two protagonists, trapped in a small room, experience a transformation. Instincts begin to prevail over reason. even the electricity suddenly stops. The lady continues to feed them, but only every so often. Anxiety and hunger grow between the two prisoners.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

With Elisa Carrera Fumagalli, Ludovica Manco, Daria Morelli
Written and Directed Francesco Foletto Cinematography Antonio Morra
Sound Sonoro Roberto Marelli First Camera Assistant Luca De Benedetti
Second Camera Assistant Francesco Manzato Production Assistant Jessica Pellecchia, Alice Del Monte Electric dpt Gabriele Sanzio Editing Francesco Foletto
Colorist Daniel Pallucca Set Design Marco Pagallo Martin Cicalese Storyboard Clara Guerrini Make up and FX Valentina Radenti, Beatrice Tell Kickstarter Production Roberto Pompili, Gennaro Favullo


Genre: Horror
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Length in minutes: 11
YEAR: 2022