Welcome to our Short Film submission form! We’re excited to have you participate in our mission to showcase exceptional filmmaking talent from around the world.

Our mission is to create an online film festival with the best independent short films worldwide and this makes our selection process quite tough. But in order for your film to be selected, it’s quite simple: your film must be awesome. That’s about it.

What your film submission includes

1. Standard Submission
Submit your film for consideration in our regular selection process. Our team will review all submissions and select the most outstanding films to feature on our platform. If your film is accepted, it will be featured on our website and you are welcome to use our laurels Official Selection for your film. We will also announce it on our Instagram channel and there is the possibility that it will be included in our newsletter.

2. Best Short Film of the Month competition
Your film will automatically be entered into our monthly contest, giving you the chance to compete with other filmmakers for the title of Best Short Film. Each month, we carefully select three outstanding short films. These films will then be put up for a vote by our audience, and the one with the highest number of votes will be honored with our physical award, delivered directly to your doorstep. In addition, winning films will receive our laurel for Best Short Film of the month and prominent placement on our film festival. Additionally, we’ll announce the winning film on our Instagram channel and may showcase it in our newsletter, offering further exposure for your exceptional work.

Vote for Best Short Film of the month - Retrospective of Jupiter

Before you submit your film, please consider

  • Whether created years ago or just newly rendered is not important.
  • We demand that all films have all the necessary rights (for publication), including music, in order for us to present them on our platform. We assume no responsibility for published films on the platform.
  • We only publish films which are free for audiences.
  • We charge a submission fee of $25 (USD).
    Unfortunately we cannot refund a submission fee after you have submitted your film and there is no guarantee that your work will be shown on our platform.

We would like to avoid

As the presented films are as diverse as our audience, there is no rule of thumb on Retrospective of Jupiter. However, we would like to point out the following does not match our basic concept:

  • Commercial pieces or purely promotional films (Branded films excluded)
    If you have a commercial, you are welcome to submit it to our Contest for the Best Commercial.
  • Timelapse or travel photography films
  • Vlogs
  • Tutorials
  • Comedy sketches based on a single punchline

Where should I upload my film before submitting?

We prefer films which are uploaded on Vimeo or YouTube. If your film is not yet released, you can put it on YouTube – unpublished and only accessible via link (setting it to unlisted).