A short film inspired by ‘The Twilight Zone’, ‘The Outer Limits’ and ‘Tales of the Unexpected’.
Detective Walter Day finds himself caught in a cycle of witnesses who all saw the same suspect commit an awful crime but in each case, one important element is always missing: the victims.
When another witness appears, his patience begins to wear thin and his nerves begin to fray.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Detective Walter Day – Billy Mack
Detective Nicola Somnier – Jennifer Hartland
Witness – Amy Mac
Suspect – Elena Stauffer


–  Florian Teske
– Lara Fullerton
– Marina Koukkou
– Fiori Miari
– John Lee Murley
– Marita Carpeta
– Charlie Finlayson
– Róisín McCallum
– Letizia Turini

– Leni Daly
– Arianna Papadopoulos
– Kareem Nasif
– Kyle Kyne
– Patrick Ambrosino
– Ema Kravanja
– Adam Kurton
– Rosie Atkinson
– Natasha J. Murley
– Emilia Sallinen

Narrator – Max Maven

Gaffer – John Sturt
Key Grip – Graham Colvan
Sound Recordist – Will Mckechnie
DIT – Jonathan Marquis Metzstein
Production Assistant – Sofia Cordovasecchi
Production Assistant  – Róisín McCallum
Production Assistant – Lara Fullerton
Production Assistant – Leni Daly

Sound Design – Kyle Allan

Music – Reyn Ouwehand

Cinematography – Alan McLaughlin

Screenplay – R. Paul Wilson

Edit – Arpie Inslow

Producer – Mark Westbrook

Producer – R. Paul Wilson

Producer – Nick J Field

Director – R. Paul Wilson

A Unique Project

Trilemma is a short film written and directed by BIFA nominated director R. Paul Wilson, produced by Con Cam Productions in collaboration with Acting Coach Scotland. The film offered acting students invaluable experience preparing, creating and acting on a real set while working with film industry professionals, cast and crew on a real film project. Ten edits of the film were created, with different suspects and witnesses, with one special version being selected for final release.


Genre: Sci-Fi / Mystery / Crime
Country: Scotland
Language: English
Length in minutes: 14
YEAR: 2020