Object Reality

What does human connection look like in a post quarantine world? Set 20 years in the future, ‘Object Reality’ is a fly on the wall exploration of the inner life of Ramy. As she unexpectedly falls in love in complete physical isolation, craft and creative expression are integral to her connection with Prest. Creating and sending each other gifts, the two create an unbreakable bond without ever meeting.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast


Ramy – Golden Madison Sewell
Prest – Tyson Coady


Writer, Director & Art Director – Sabine Spare
Producer – Ankit Bhattacharya
Director of Photography – Lucas Joseph

Editor – Eli Speigel
Score & Foley – Eli Speigel & Danielle Racine
Colourist – Erik Bayley
VFX – Eli Speigel
*video elements courtesy of Rocket Stock
Additional VFX – Erik Bayley
Sound Design – Penelope Walcott

Featured Artists:

Annika Hoefs
Anouk Desloges
Charlize Nhung
DAR Proyectos
Golden Madison Sewell
Jared Last
Rob Raeside
Sabine Spare
Sylvie Alusitz
Wayne Wightman
Wendy Lisa Nichol

Featured Music:
Selections from
“River Inventory Map”
Tax Haven

“All VX”
Ben McCarthey

Featured Stock Video:
Christopher Huppertz
Mario Arvizu via Mixkit
Nassim Mohammed via Pixabay

Generously Supported by the Ontario Arts Council

Object Reality

Love in the Time of Quarantine

The idea for the film came to be during the beginning of the pandemic in March. Taking place in the not so distant future, the film explores themes of isolation, longing and the barriers between the physical and digital worlds. These themes were important to everyone involved in the project because the film was created in parallel to their lived experiences. Obviously everyone’s experience of the pandemic was unique to them, however certain universal themes are relatable to us all. This project was extremely important to everyone involved not only as catharsis but also as a way to connect.


Genre: Sci-Fi
Country: Canada
Language: English
Length in minutes: 12:30
YEAR: 2020