Taka Taka

My music video tells the story of someone who falls in love with music and takes it with them wherever they go.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

/// CREW ////

Director – Thomas Webber
DOP – Kao
Production Design – Morgana Addor & Barbara Donatello

Ad & Creative Assistant – Renan
Creative Director – Gabriel Zerra & Caio Canine
Executive Producer – Bruna Gonçalles
Production Director – Leonardo Watanabe Mascaro
Colorist – Erick Moraes
Key Grip – Rodrigo Molica Severo
Cast Producer – Junior Azous

//// CAST ////

Dancers – Diego Josh & Kesia Lins

Produced by Lisergia Creative Media

The story behind the film

Above all, I wanted to create something fun and dynamic. I took inspiration from the hip-hop music videos of the 90s and 2000s, which also influence some of the beats in Funk.

I have always dreamed of creating a Funk music video. I see Funk as one of the most iconic and internationally recognized expressions of Brazil, and I wanted to contribute my own little grain of sand to this powerful movement. I didn’t want to create a video that seemed out of place within the world of Funk, so I sought guidance from Gabriel Zerra and Caio Canine, who helped me gain a deeper understanding of the processes and languages of Funk. I believe that their collaboration has positively influenced my work.


Genre: Music Video
Country: Brazil
Language: Portugues
Length in minutes: 02:39
YEAR: 2023