Ghosts, Get Out!!

A team of unqualified filmmakers with no knowledge of the paranormal attempt to make a ghost hunting reality show.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast


Hillary the Host: Hillary Sproul
Illyse the Psychic: Illyse Singer
Mia White the Homeowner: Michele Hierholzer
Skye the Assistant Psychic: Sideara St. Claire
Jordan the Producer: Jordan Lewis
Vivian the Director: Lily Meyer
Michelle the Sound Recordist: Michelle Rose
Stephanie the Makeup Artist: Shayna Strype
Megan the Ghost: Darla Baker
Ghost Body Double: Riley Gallagher

Created by Hillary Sproul
Directed by Rachel Wortell
Written & Produced by Hillary Sproul
Associate Producers: Rachel Wortell, Jackie Heltz, Marina Thomas, Andreina Byrne
Executive Producer: Tim Murray
Director of Photography: Hunter Herrick
Editors: Samantha Morris, Tim Murray, Jake Ascher
Production & Costume Design: Hillary Sproul, Rachel Wortell
Assistant Camera & Gaffer: Gabe Solorzano
Digital Imaging Technician: Elizabeth Grobel
Sound Recordist: Julia Sipowicz
Wardrobe Supervisor: Joanna Aquino
Production Assistants: Yu Anne Ando, Quinn Graham

Digital Intermediate Provided by Nice Shoes
Colorist: María Carretero
Online Editor: Rachael Black
DI Assists: Rebecca Conner, Myah Jones
Senior DI Producer: Megan Rumph
DI Production Coordinator: Tiffany Gale
Sound Design: Christopher Scullion
Score by: Michelle Rose
Title Design: Marian Shelley

In Association with Good Porpoise Productions, LLC

Special Thanks to Hauskowski and Dishwasher Safe Films

The story behind the film

Based on a concept originally conceived during an improv sketch, Ghosts, Get Out!! was an experimental tv pilot made during a pandemic. (Though similarities to What We Do in the Shadows have been repeatedly called out, no one making this project had ever actually watched it!)


Genre: Comedy / TV Pilot / Experimental
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 11
YEAR: 2022