Save The Future

A nineties thriller reminds us that we are only a few days away from the end of the world and the only option left is to bury ourselves. Through contemporary dance, we will hear a love letter to that which pollutes our bodies and thus our souls. We have drawn a line between Slow Fashion and the freedom it offers us.
This fashion film underlines the need for change in order to survive as people. Because we live in an era of consumerism where clothes are not bought responsibly. What would happen if clothes treated us as we treat them?

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

A fashion film by Bárbara Fdez
with Look at Things Different.
Produced by Two Little Octopus

Brands: Bukit and Soul & Kumi Sneakers

Starring: Carla Cervantes & Sandra Égido
Performers: Camila Villalba, Mariló Macías & Paula Blázquez
Assistant Director: Leilah Pérez
Cinematographer: David Mendizábal
Camera Assistant: David Palomo Núñez
Gaffer: Omar Callegari Gianotti
Spark: Irene de Anta
Art Director: Isabel Ortega
Production Assistant Andrea Martí & Ada Fernández
Makeup Head: Javier Serrano
Makeup Assistant: Isabel Ortega
Wardrobe Manager: Bárbara Pérez
Music Composer: Nau Leone
Graphic Design: Luis Valverde
Still photography: Miriam Cuesta & Unai Mateo
Edit: Ipnosix Studio
Colorist: David Mendizábal
Acknowledgements: Mari Carmen Remón, Nines Mendizábal, Bárbara C. Salas, ECAM.


Genre: Dance
Country: Spain
Language: English
Length in minutes: 4
YEAR: 2022