Lexa: We running to the sun

This film is a cute fantasy about how one boy loved to swim in the bathroom, and then became a kayaker. And about why people go in for extreme sports.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Idea, director, cut – Valeria Travkina
Lexa – Alexey Lukin
Camera – archive Alexey Lukin and his friends, Sergey Yakushev, Misha Burov
Thanks for some shots – Kostya Galat, Oleg Kolmovsky, Misha Krutyansky
Music – Dima Malinkin, Fedya Cherkesov, Seryozha Melnikov
Animation – Katya Kuznetsova
Sound – Mitya Krupenya
Color – Kolya Vavilov


Genre: Action / Documentary
Country: Russia
Language: Russian with English subtitles
Length in minutes: 7:44
YEAR: 2021