My Dinner with Werner

Inspired by the real-life, totally bonkers “friendship” between acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog and controversial actor Klaus Kinski, MY DINNER WITH WERNER is a wildly bizarre story about a mid-80s blind dinner date with a murder plot as the main dish.

HollyShorts Film Festival (Oscar-Qualifying)
Austin Film Festival (Oscar-Qualifying)
Nashville Film Festival (Oscar-Qualifying)
St. Louis International Film Festival (Oscar-Qualifying)
Fantasia Film Festival FilmQuest – Winner: Best Comedy Short
Chattanooga Film Festival – Winner: Audience Award – Best Short Film
SF IndieFest – Winner: Audience Award – Best Comedy
Albuquerque Film & Music Experience – Winner: Best Actor (Matthew Sanders), Best Actress (Chynna Walker), Best Director
Sydney Underground Film Festival – Winner: Audience Choice Award
Kansas City Film Fest International – Winner: Best Ensemble
Arizona International Film Festival – Winner: Jury Award for Creative Achievement (Comedy)
Nightmares Film Festival – Winner: Best Short Film Director
Queens World – Nominee: Best Narrative Short, Best Comedy Short, Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Matthew Sanders)
Ashland Film Festival – Screened together with Werner Herzog’s AGUIRRE, THE WRATH OF GOD
deadCenter Film Festival
BendFilm Festival
Sarasota Film Festival
Manchester Film Festival
Byron Bay International Film Festival
Woods Hole Film Festival
Oxford Film Festival
Omaha Film Festival
Indy Film Fest
Bushwick Film Festival

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed by: Maverick Moore
Written by: Maverick Moore, Ryan McNamara
Starring: Chynna Walker, Matthew Sanders, Andrew Perez, Grant Virtue
Featuring: Trey Dickerson, Brenda Henderson, Ka Beesler, Caruso the Chicken
Produced by: Marla Moore, Steven Trebus, Brian Elliott, Jake Moore, Ryan McNamara, Alayna Hudson
Executive-Produced by: Lisa Stepp, Kathy Tinius, Jency Allison Weeks
1st Assistant Directors: Steven Trebus, Jake Moore
2nd Assistant Director: Ryan McNamara
Script Supervisor: Alayna Hudson
Director of Photography: Davin Fitch
1st Assistant Cameraman: Jacob Robinson
2nd Assistant Cameraman: Garrett Hardy
Gaffer: Leo Aguirre
Best Boy: Kirby Gamel
Key Grips: Dominic Scalise, Conner White, Brad Macchioni
Grips: Joe Hayes, Adam Karlson, Ben Orr, Catherine Marple, Harrison Young, Ben Holt
Sound Mixer & Supervisor: David Feagan
Sound Assistant: Kristen Miller
Edited by: Maverick Moore
Visual Effects by: Philip Heinrich, Kirby Gamel
Colorist: Zachary Korpi
Sound Designer: Ryan Swift Joyner
Music by: Adrian Walther, Travis Terrell
Titles by: Rachel Love, Joy Schmitz, Jenn Rosenfield
Production Designer & Set Decorator: Thoa Nguyen
Production Design & Set Decoration Assistants: Conner White, Rachel Love, Marla Moore
Construction Foreman: Andy McVey
Set Carpenters: Andy McVey, Dominic Scalise
Location Scouts: Alayna Hudson, Jake Moore, Christian Oliveira
Costume Designer: Sylvia Fuhrken
Wardrobe: Joy Schmitz
Hair & Make-Up: Blythe Tierney Dever
Prop Master: Thoa Nguyen
Additional Prop Support: Jordan Rousseau, Christian Oliveira
Prop Builders: Scooter Radcliffe, Evelyn Cobern, Kim Cobern
Fight & Stunt Choreographer: Lizzy Talbot
Practical Effects Supervisor: Jordan Rousseau
Visual Effects Supervisor: Trey Dickerson
Practical Effects Assistants: Henry Beard, Andrew Davis
Production Assistants: Rachel Jobin, Brian McAughan, Tyler Hardin

The story behind the film

For over 15 years, German film director Werner Herzog made movies with the controversial German actor Klaus Kinski. Their work together was legendary. Their partnership was notorious. Their methods were dangerous. And their “friendship” was stranger than fiction. But in 1987, they mysteriously stopped working together …forever. This film is the story of what “really” happened – the night it all went devilishly wrong. Thoroughly researched in all things Herzog and Kinski, this story plays with history in a fun, loving, and radical way that’s a good time at the movies – both for folks familiar with Herzog and Kinski, and folks that aren’t.
MY DINNER WITH WERNER is a chaotic chamber-piece farce about friendship, love, art …and chickens.


Genre: Dark Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 17:49
YEAR: 2022