Party Dozen feat. Nick Cave - Macca The Mutt

Party Dozen (Jonathan Boulet and Kirsty Tickle) get to work with a little help from the one and only, Nick Cave in this chaotic, diesel fuelled smash fest.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director VERSUS (Tanya Babic & Jason Sukadana)
Cinematographer Brad Jarrett
Production Subversus
Producers Justine Moyle & Ramona Telecican
1st AC Steivan Hasler
Gaffer Alan Fraser & Richard Hawkins
Best Boy Joshua Royce
Grip Richard Brown
Art Director Tanya Babic
Runner Timothy Lee
VFX Michael Shanks
Sound Design Adam Connelly

Editor Sean McDermott
Colourist Abe Wynen @ Crayon

Filmout ColorLab

Written and performed by Party Dozen
Recorded by Jonathan Boulet
Vocal Engineer: Luis Almada

With very special thanks to Jamie Hunt at VA Digital Hire & Steve Schofield at Lumen Arty

Thanks also to Herbie at Mothership Studios and Darren at Northern Auto Wreckers

(C) GRUPO/ Temporary Residence Ltd

The story behind the film

“We wanted to channel a uniquely Australian aesthetic for this clip. The cinematography nods to classic Aussie cinema of the 70’s. Films like ‘Wake in Fright’ and ‘Stone’ were reference points. And tonally, we wanted the grit and chaos of such films to permeate our vignettes. It’s the kind of vibe that makes you slightly recoil because you can almost taste a face full of dirt and smell diesel in the air.”

“The guys had talked about creatively exploring their instruments as tools and performance as a kind of manual labour. We focused on linking vignettes thematically and tapped into concepts explored on the album ‘The Real Work’. So we structured the film around key performative scenes. In some scenes, we pushed them really hard physically. In others, they were made to feel uncomfortable or challenged in other ways. Circle motifs, shot repetition and meaningless exercises like smashing an old wreck of a car, driving nowhere or searching for something that isn’t there also hint towards the cyclic and laborious nature of work. Or life. Whatever you wanna take from it.”

“It was really important to Jono & Kirsty that we didn’t take things too seriously. So we also hope the themes explored do so with a healthy dose of levity.”

“We worked closely with Jono & Kirsty on the scene ideation. We wanted to make sure that the clip oozed Party Dozen from start to finish. But mostly we just wanted to hang out with them ‘cause they are cool as fuck.”

Director, VERSUS (Tanya Babic & Jason Sukadana)


Genre: Music Video
Country: Australia
Language: English
Length in minutes: 4:20
YEAR: 2022