A man spends a seemingly interminable night alone in a hotel room, avoiding contact with the world outside and besieged by insomnia, boredom and a faulty air-conditioner.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Rouzbeh “Ray” Noori

Francesca Anderson

editing Rouzbeh Noori Joseph Doler

Jesús Rodríguez

Mompou’s Cancion no. 6
performed by Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli

special thanks Malin Sjöberg

dedicated to Christopher Münch

copyright @ MMXXII, Block Zero Productions

The story behind the film

Fall. was born, among other things, out of frustration. A year into the pandemic, there was still no indication of when or how independent, low-budget filmmakers would once again be able to crew up, and get their hopes and fears and desires up on the screen. We were all suffering from fatigue, a sense of never-ending isolation, and in that isolation, had to look inward and ask some tough questions about who we were, what mattered to us most, and what we missed the most about the pre-pandemic world.

So a simple, elegiac script was written, and I packed two suitcases full of equipment and headed to a hotel room on the 14th floor, completely alone, intending to lock myself in for two nights, and emerge with the material that would become Fall. (formerly From This Height, formerly Do Not Disturb).

It was in the aftermath of those two nights that I got to work with a group of immensely talented friends to finish the film. From the ever-luminous Francesca Anderson gave the film heart with her soulful acting over the phone, Joseph Doler helped me pace the film just right in editing, Jesús Rodríguez magically made my amateur sound-recording become useful, and finally, Niki Asimakidis captured the melancholy sense of isolation perfectly in the poster for the film. Oh, and these superstars hail from the US, Mexico, and Sweden. So ultimately a film about isolation and frustration of creating alone, became a cause for me to collaborate with artists from all over the world. And after all, isn’t that the magic of cinema?


Genre: Drama
Country: Sweden
Language: English
Length in minutes: 11
YEAR: 2022