Set in the year 2037, Undercurrent unravels the exploitation of a young artist as she struggles to navigate a seedy, underground art auction.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Mitzi Akaha | Chrissie Capobianco | Melissa Roth | Shing Ka | 
Elia Coutte | Bryan Essing | Kelly Watson

Writer & Director | Bethany Yeap
Producer | Ruya Koman
Director of Photography | Tine Dilucia
Production Designer & Costume Designer | Bethany Yeap
Editor | Bharat Gurwani
Composer | Danielle Merlis

HMUA | Nina Carelli
Art Coordinator | Dawn Shin
Art Assistant | Ciara Garcia

1st AD | Tanya Ruth
1st AC | Beth Ribeiro
2nd AC | Bharat Gurwani
Gaffer | Isabel Padilla
Steadicam Operator | Matt Digregorio
Location Sound Mixer | Errol Basdeo
Swing/Best Boy | Kai King, Taha Long
Production Assistant | Marissa Boccio
Set Photographer | Ciara Garcia

Sound Mixer | Carlos Martinez
Colorist | Stuart Wheeler
Motion Graphics & Artwork | Bethany Yeap

Special thanks to Alfred Tollja at the Producer’s Club

Background Talent:
Marite Salatiello, Hanna Datsko, Kelsey Aycock, Jasmine Lindholm, Ashley Thane
Chenana Manno, Pierre Santos, Lenina Karlsson, Meghan Lovelace, Shade Rupe
Alberto Fabbretti, George Goulart, John Jarusiewicz, Thomas C. Smith, Junhyeong Im
Ross Weiter, Randy Harris, Uriel Menson, Jarvis Smith, Edward J. Fee, Ashish Patel
Harry Yudenfriend, Philippe Javier Garcesto, Thomas Smith

Director Statement

What happens when art becomes completely liquidated as a commodity? What happens when art no longer has anything to say?

Undercurrent explores the artist’s dependency on their audience, the compromises made to be received. It follows the artist’s struggle to maintain integrity, inevitably selling out in order to be heard, only to reach the end and realize what they lost along the way.

That being said– we are still out here, and still got a lot to say.


Genre: Sci-Fi / Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 12
YEAR: 2021