I'm Still Here

Maggie is holed up inside her home as the outside world faces an invasion of an unknown threat. No one has left their homes since it all began but Maggie can hear the ominous presences outside.

She attempts to make radio contact, desperate for any human presence after the rest of her family has disappeared. But when she finally reaches someone, she realizes the outside threat may be coming inside.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written & Directed by Justin Suttles


Maggie Dettman – Catherine Atkinson
Emory – Kate Kovach
Imposter Mother – Emily Dunlop
Imposter Father – Derek Botten
Screaming Woman – Christie Osterhus


Director of Photography / Colorist – Bryan Tan
Location Sound / PA – David Tabor
Hair & Makeup – Haven Sierra
Original Score – Tristan Seewer, Braden Deal
Supervising Sound Editor – Brittany Ellis
Sound Designer – Kyle Lamerding
Foley – Post Red Audio
Foley Artist – Beso Kacharava

The story behind the film

I’m Still Here is my love letter to the white-knuckle thrillers of a bygone era. My hope was that through physical suspense, I could capture a heightened moment in real time, and bring you closer to a character in the process.


Genre: Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 13
YEAR: 2021