Hey Babe

A taste of nostalgia, a desire to go back into idealized 80’s maybe. This idea was stronger than anything to me, and in this crazy times, I just wanted to create and to have fun. So let’s jump into a Retro Colorfull 3D Pop Music Univers that I love! Welcome Back in 1988.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director, DOP & VFX / Editing: Axel Bonnot
Starring: Irina Raveleau
Boyfriend voice-over Talent Eric Rico Reed
Styling & Assistant: Silvia Eusebio
Hair: David Silver
Make up: Laureen Kaczmarek
Soundtrack: “Ambitious Proletariat” by ADV3N7UR35 © CNCLV Records

The story behind the film

Nowadays, Technologies allows indie filmmakers to give life to their visions without big Hollywood production budgets. So we used new 3D tracking technologies and realtime 3D environments to recreate this crazy 80’s univers. The watchwords were: fun, enjoy and more fun. I grew up watching hundreds of 80s movies and I think I wanted to find back a part of my childhood and having fun with the team.


Genre: Music Video / Experimental
Country: France
Language: English
Length in minutes: 2:30
YEAR: 2021