FÖLD - Sculpted in the wind

The sculptor falls into a creative spiral, following the geography of the places he’s lived, raises from the folds of material, confused as in an embrace a vision takes shape, through the wind of creation.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

a film by Marzio Mirabella

written by Balàzs Berzsenyi, Cristiano Fabbri, Marzio Mirabella, Davide Riccardi

Coreography: Cristiano Fabbri

Music: Matteo Nahum

Sound design: Guido Affini

VFX: Marco Pezzati

The story behind the film

A film about the creative process: where it starts and how to get to the final result

Genre: Dance
Country: Italy
Language: No dialogue
Length in minutes: 11
YEAR: 2020