An American Soldier finds himself fighting for survival after being separated from his unit during World War II. Will he survive? What will push him through the fight?

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Indie Black Magic Presets
In Association with Bianco Productions

Directed by Tommy Jackson
Produced by David Bianco, Isaac Gonzalez, Tommy Jackson
Cinematography and Editing by Tommy Jackson
Written by Isaac Gonzalez and Tommy Jackson
Makeup by Caryn Maiero

Leeway – David Bianco
John – Kacy Kowal
The Woman – Madeleine Gates
The German – Charlie Bain
Knife Wielding German – Casey Freund
Germans in Battle – Anthony Louis, Matthew Anton, Nick Kafkis
Dead American Soldier – Jesse Benedict

Shot on Black Magic 6k Pro with Helios 44 – 2/58mm f/2 & Pentacon 29mm f/2.8

All Music from ARTLIST

Copyright Indie Black Magic 2023


Genre: War / Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 12:18
YEAR: 2023