Also the heart is a muscle

After beating cancer a boy realizes he can no longer lie to himself and faces the identity crisis of living in the struggle of "who am I?".

Mysteriously seduced by the muscular bodies of bodybuilders, a boy begins to feel a dark attraction by watching his two naked friends that leads him towards the exploration of his physique and his sexuality.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

written/directed: Antonio Vasaturo
mixing audio: Giuseppe Vasaturo
score: Wasa, Sergo Tuberidze
casting: Daniele Guerra
subtitles: Roberta Chianese
editing: Carmelo Orofino
costumes: Carmine Apicella
cast: Raffaele Palmitano, Claudia Baiano, Simone Amoroso, Raffaele Di Maso, Angelo Quattromani.
Thanks to Pasquale Di Maso, Club Venus.

The story behind the film

I wanted to depict the true story of a friend who nearly disappeared forever without telling himself the truth. I tried to highlight as much as possible the identity crisis and the conflicting feelings of attraction and fear, rejection and desire that constantly gripped him.
A path that after the illness begins with the desire to recompose and rebuild through bodybuilding; he begins by starting to love his body strongly but which will later prove to be decisive in the discovery of the attraction of other bodies.


Genre: Queer / LGBTQIA+ / Drama
Country: Italia
Language: italian
Length in minutes: 15:08
YEAR: 2023