Mariner Boy

‘Mariner Boy’ is a nostalgic melody that tells the story of a sailor’s unwavering devotion to the sea. The story is conveyed through heartfelt lyrics and a soulful performance by folk band AMBLE. The music video, directed by Donnagh Fitzpatrick, brings the tale to life by seamlessly intertwining live footage of the band with 35mm film sequences, creating a captivating visual narrative that effortlessly blends with the music.

The video immerses the audience in the sailor’s world, showcasing the allure of life on deck and the anticipation of his love waiting ashore. The black and white visuals accentuate the rugged coastline and vast ocean, depicting the sailor as a melancholic figure forever drawn to the sea’s irresistible call.

AMBLE’s musicianship adds depth and richness to the song, with instrumentals that breathe life into the lyrics. Fitzpatrick’s direction, in collaboration with cinematographer Kevin Minogue, masterfully captures the essence of the music, creating a powerful and poignant visual experience.

In describing the collaboration, Fitzpatrick expressed admiration for AMBLE’s nostalgic sound and the vivid storytelling in their lyrics. Filming the band’s performance in black and white and cutting it together with 35mm footage were deliberate choices to enhance the visual narrative of ‘Mariner Boy’, reflecting its wistful essence.

Aside from ‘Mariner Boy,’ Fitzpatrick and AMBLE have collaborated on other projects, including ‘Into The Morning’ and ‘Judy’s Heels’. These additional works can be discovered on the band’s social media pages, showcasing the ongoing creative partnership between the director and the folk ensemble.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Producer & Director: Donnagh Fitzpatrick
Cinematography: Kevin Minogue
Editor: Donnagh Fitzpatrick
PA: Conor Fitzpatrick
Production: House 9 Films
Special Thanks: The Haggard, Longford

Performance by: AMBLE
(Robbie Cunningham, Ross McNerney, Oisin McCaffrey)


Genre: Music Video
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Length in minutes: 2.52
YEAR: 2023