Mascagni’ Symphony ♱ Inno all’Infamia

In the middle of a settling of scores, two criminals must face the demons of a life on the edge, whose law makes no distinction between victims and executioners.
This piece, born as visual concept of a feature project, wants to cast an unflinching gaze into the dark side of the human psyche. Through a poetic stream of consciousness it delves into violence and moral corruption, exploring the consequences of evil and the choices that define us.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Mirko Frezza
Flavio Vivarini
Andrea Dell’Avo

Director: Alessandro Vivarini
Writer: Flavio Vivarini
Cinematographer: Andrea Donadoni
Graphic Designer: Marco Midena
Line Producers: Sara Carraro / Giulia Carrozza
Make-up Artist: Aurora Guerrini
Set Coordinator: Davide Bua
Armorer: Effetti Speciali srl di Guerini
Special guest Director: Daniele Farina
Proofreaders: Angelo Mazza / Solene Encina Guyperret

The story behind the film

“Mascagni’ Symphony” is a collection of interconnected short films that delve into the depths of the human psyche and the distortion of values in marginalized environments, tackling universal themes such as loss, redemption, and the search for identity. Each episode serves as a spin-off from the concept of an original feature film, designed to create a proof-of-concept that captures the essence of the overall cinematic project.
“Inno all’Infamia”, first piece of this series, is an experimental stream of consciousness that digs into the inevitable consequences of evil.

We got no fund and no company was involved in the project. Everyone in the crew, professionals and amateur, was friend of us. So, we spent most of our budget on dinners and drinks (their real fee would be cheaper). The cast featured all non-actors, except for Mirko Frezza. We took several weeks to get in touch with Mirko’s agent. We’ve been captivated by his talent after watching “Dogman” by Matteo Garrone, since then we only thought about him for the role, without any certainty we can cast him. Mirko said yes because he was intrigued by the strenght of the monologue, that reminds him some people living in the difficult neighborhood where he grew up.
During the shooting Mirko was more than a pro. He embraced our instinctive approach, supporting us in every aspect of the production, without sparing himself in anything, just like all the rest of the guys… and this is way better than a fund.


Genre: Experimental / Noir
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Length in minutes: 9
YEAR: 2023