Brick Walls

Marco, a frustrated and conflicted 24-year-old, moves away from his rugged hometown to begin anew. However, he struggles to progress when his past puts up walls around him.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Brandon Forgione – Director
Avery White – Writer
Brandon Forgione – Writer
Mike McGovern – Writer
Rahi Patel – Producer
Brandon Forgione – Producer
Anthony Matthias – Director of Photography
Avery White – Director of Photography
Tim Beck – Composer
Brandon Forgione – Key Cast – “Marco”
Joseph Vazquez – Key Cast – “Nico”
Avery White – Key Cast – “Aiden”
Mike McGovern – Key Cast – “George”

The story behind the film

I really wanted to capture a story that highlighted the notion of survival, fresh starts, and trying to escape past lifestyles; and I wanted to do it in a short film. I firmly believe that conveying emotion and formulating grounding characters is a strenuous process when it comes to making a short. I was ready for the challenge. We surely hit quite a few brick walls (no pun intended) when it came to the making of this film. Being that it was my senior year of college, I had other obstacles happening in my life. However, I can truly say that the process taught us all the value of patience, trust, and hard work.


Genre: Drama / Action
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 32:55
YEAR: 2022