The iconic poem ‘Beer’ by Charles Bukowski, is brought to life in this beautifully shot film. The commercial world glamorizes alcohol and ignores its social problems. This film is the ultimate anti-beer advert to this conception, and interprets the poem through the experiences of a young man and his addiction to alcohol.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director: Adam Hayes
Cinematography: Nick Hayes
Edit/FX/Sound: Adam & Nick Hayes
Actor: Jace Moody
Actress: Monique Victoria
V/O: Gardiner Comfort

The story behind the film

Beer by Bukowski is one of our favorite poem’s – we have always wanted to bring it to life in a surreal way. We work as commercial directors/cinematographers in our day jobs, and have worked with a variety of alcohol brands. The typical alcohol commercial would never tell the story of the dangers of alcoholism and over consumption – this film fills that gap. Our aim was to create a surreal world, a technicolor noir. We shot Beer with no crew or budget.


Genre: Experimental
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 4
YEAR: 2018