To the future

We created a brand film for the company, “OLD GEAR,” which sells second hand tires. While they may seem like a simple business at first glance, the motive behind their business is to resell tires to protect the planet and the children of the future. We are inspired by the company’s vision, and decided to create a brand film that contains the beauty of our planet, as well as the message to pass on our world’s invaluable resources to the next generation.

All shots are in Okinawa & Amami Oshima, Japan

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

A Film by FEARLESS Inc.

Starring: Reina Aoi
Director: Asuya Hamada
Director of Photography: Matt Ikehara
Assistant Director: Ryo Ogawa
1st AC: Makoto Miura
Producer: Atsushi Takada
Production Manager: Kento Higuchi
Hair&Make: Hanako Kaiya & Airi Furukawa
Executive Produce: Tobi Watanabe

Colourist: Ichito Saito
Composer: RukaOhta
Vocal: Mika Yasukawa
Translated by Kiko Wilson


Genre: Experimental / Branded Film
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Length in minutes: 1:43
YEAR: 2021