Another Satisfied Customer

A retired ballerina is ready to end her life when the door bell rings. Is life gonna give her a second chance?

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Madeleine Falk as The Woman
Kurt Carley as The Salesman

Peier “Tracy” Shen

Peier “Tracy” Shen & Anton Shavlik

Rex Reyes

Anton Shavlik

Production Designer
Sydnie Ponic

Costume Designer
Gigi Harding

Maria Fernanda

Director’s Statement

“Another Satisfied Customer” was an AFI Cinematography MOS project. I was really glad that Anton (the cinematographer) approached me because it’s a such a wonderful challenge to do a story within 3 minutes with no dialogue.
And this idea actually started with a bad breakup. A woman, who needs to be saved, can’t be saved. I was “killing” myself in a way. It was supposed to be this dark, brooding piece about “yeah…romantic suffering,” but the absurdity of the narrative took over. Funny enough, I had my catharsis nonetheless. 

Genre: Dark Comedy
Country: USA
Language: No dialogue
Length in minutes: 3
YEAR: 2019