CARACTER is a dance film, a music video and a campaign. It’s a choreography by flamenco dancer María Pagés.

It was shot in Madrid and Asturias with an Alexa Mini LF + Arri Signature primes mounted on a MOVI. It was released at the Dubai International Expo 2022.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director: Jaime Dezcallar
Written by: El Arbi El Harti & Jaime Dezcallar
Project Managers: María Pagés & El Arbi El Harti
Choreographer: María Pagés
Executive Producers. José Félix García, El Arbi El Harti
Produced by: MuyFilms, Alejandro de La Llave
Dancer: María Pagés
Original Music by Rubén Lebaniegos, Sergio Menem
DoP: Enrique Millán Fuentes-Guerra
Movi: Diego Comendador
1st AC: Antonio Albalate
2nd AC: Marina Carasa
Video: Alejandro San Emetrio
G&E: Ignacio Carratalá, Diego Tello, Raúl Lázaro, Fran Arenas, José Serrano
Eduardo de la Cuesta, Vicente Cobo
Costume Design: Sandra Calderón, Sabrina Lázaro, Rebeca Luna
Art Direction: Maite Camisón, Eduardo González, Javier Garrido, Francisco Morán
Hair&Make Up: Patrizio Niccolai
Editing: Enrique Millán & Jaime Dezcallar
FX: Abel Molina, Josu Díaz, Néstor Benito
Color: Jon Corcuera (Gradepunk)
1st AD: Dani Pérez

The story behind the film

Caracter is a music video, a dance film and a campaign. María Pagés is one of the greatest flamenco dancers alive.
The idea behind the film was to link and associate Spanish traditional culture (dance, music, film…) to Spanish gastronomical culture through the idea of character. Both our culture and our gastronomy have that in common: character, strenght, flavor, personality, flavor… It never leaves anyone indifferent.
The artist (María Pagés), wardrobe, music, and the filmmaking behind the choreography have been thought in order to associate a sense of power to the dance and to the food. We are very close to the dancer and to all the details, always in movement, mixing symbolism and realism with no need to hide imperfections for when there’s a lot of character, theres no need at all to fake being perfect.


Genre: Dance
Country: Spain
Language: English
Length in minutes: 4
YEAR: 2022