Spaghetter Getter

Spaghetter Getter is the story of the man in informercials who can’t get anything right as he discovers he lives in a hell created by his own uselessness. It is a direct reflection of the fear and helplessness we have felt these past 2 years in the pandemic.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

EP, Actor, and owner of the home we shot in: Julia Kelly
EP and actor: Noam Harary
Director and Editor: Jared Lapidus
DP: Jordon Parrott
Writer, producer, actor, and maker of all the fake logos: David Ebert (me!)
Actor and story editor: Krista Jensen
Sound Design: Dungeon Beach
Color: Josh Bohosky

Director's statement

I’m obsessed with 90s informercials and if I wait any longer to make this everyone will be too old to understand the reference. My beautiful friends came together to help me make this. My longtime collaborator Jared Lapidus came on to direct and edit. My friend Noam produced and starred in it with me. My friend Julia gave us her whole damn house and her niece (she’s one of the little girls). It truly took a village to bring this together and we’re all so proud of the result.


Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 8
YEAR: 2022