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Artist Masao Nakahara, born in 1956 in Japan, lives a minimalistic lifestyle in Germany. In this film we become intimately acquainted with him, his working method and vision.

Nakahara grew up in a small town in Japan (Honjō, Saitama Prefecture), and started painting from a very early age. His introduction to artists such as Fauvist Georges Rouault and Impressionist Maurice Utrillo, opened up new perspectives for an artist that was rather interested in visualizing his own introspective world, than wanting to adapt to the prevailing morality of Tokyo’s art schools.

Nakahara’s modest and introspective visual language can be read as an ode to the beauty of the simple things that characterize life. Small puzzles that invite personal introspection and reduce life’s big questions to manageable fate.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Gallery Althuis Hofland Fine Arts
Director/Creative Fabian Fraikin
DOP Fabian Fraikin
AC Jasper Fraikin
Producer Jasper Fraikin
Production Partner FJ – Films & Content
Editor Fabian Fraikin
Grader Jelle Prins
Sound Design Serge van Lieshout
Artist Masao Nakahara

The story behind the film

Working closely with Jeanine Hofland and Ornis Althuis feels like a collaborative project with friends. They have given us the creative freedom to shape our documentary approach in this film. Without their trust, it would not have been possible to also connect so closely with Masao Nakahara. Being able to capture Nakahara’s authentic self throughout the day as we followed him around in his house and atelier.


Genre: Documentary
Country: Netherlands
Language: Japanese, with English subtitles
Length in minutes: 5
YEAR: 2024