Back to Sender

In a music video for Zyodara and Yasmina’s latest single, “Back to Sender,” Yasmina finds it within herself to break the chain of dissatisfaction within a cyclically tiring relationship.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Starring Yasmina and Yasmina

Co-Directed | Reece Daniels & Jivensley Alexis
Co-Produced | Reece Daniels & Aashish Joshi
Director of Photography | Sean Chow

Production Coordinator | Jerry Nobile
Production Designer | Menny Son
1st AD | Keith Leung

1st AC | Benjy Berkowitz
Gaffer | Frank Yu
Key Grip | Kevin Herrera
Swing | Matt Iacono

Edited | Reece Daniels
Color | Jeffrey Chance
VFX | Aashish Joshi

Featuring Jivensley Alexis, Aashish Joshi, Khaja Ibrahim, and Terrence Teng as “The Boyfriends”

The story behind the film

This song is such a product of its influences (R&B of the 80s/90s), we aimed to do the same with the video, pulling from cinema and music videos of that era to create a warm, familiar atmosphere for the video.

Most importantly, like the music videos of the 1980s, we wanted “Back to Sender” to be a fun watch and serve as a fitting companion to the cool, retro production and gorgeous vocals that the song contains.


Genre: Music Video
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 3:13
YEAR: 2023