«There’s nothing more tragic than the sudden death of a child, an event that causes bereft, heartbreak and a disruption in the natural law and order of life. This reversed order places the human mind in extreme sorrow as it carries the loss of innocence, the death of the most vulnerable and dependent, it signifies the loss of future, of hopes and dreams, of new strength.»

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Tania Solomonoff
Kevin Almaraz
Santiago Martínez

Directed by Arnaldo Iñigo
Cinematography by Matías Penachino
Executive Produced by Gabriel Stavenhagen & Arnaldo Iñigo
Production Design by Luis Rojas Luino
Second Unit Cinematography by Borja V. Conde
Wardrobe Styling by Charo Roque
Casting by In the Park Management & Elke Garda
Line Producer: Oscar Pineda
1AD: Andrea Correa
2nd AD: Paola Martinarena
Movement Coach: Ana G Zambrano
Focus Puller: Mariano Rodriguez
Edited by Arnaldo Iñigo
Online Edit: Alexis Montoya
Executive Production Coordinator: Mariana Ortiz
Colorist: Jesus Dominguez G
Sound Design by Defacto Sound
Credits Design by Koln Studios


Genre: Experimental
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Length in minutes: 3:40
YEAR: 2019