RUSHES is a found footage drama about two ex-lovers who begin to fall for each other again while working on a CGI motion capture shoot.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Kirsten Foster Alice
Jed O’Hagan David

Benedict Cohen Writer and Director
Kieran Nolan Jones Producer
Fabio Mota Cinematographer
Josh Mallalieu Editor
Casting Director Maia Von Hurter

Adam Woodhams Sound Design
Vlad Barin Colour
Ksenia Kulakova Art Director
Claire Coles Hair and Make-up.
Andrei Tudor Grigorie Sound Recordist
Xanthe Bodington Graphics
Hermes Contreras 1st AC
Gergana Popova 2nd AC
Jeff Cellis Spark
Yuri Rodrigues Spark
Evance Breteuil Spark
Toby Kearton Runner
Freddie Heppell Runner

With thanks to NFTS and Centroid Motion Capture.

The story behind the film

The film plays out as if we are looking through the rushes at the end of a day’s shooting. Two motion capture artists acting out scenes for a film that we will never see. The story takes place in the liminal moments between takes.

The film is a visual metaphor for how we imagine and act out encounters with our ex-lovers in our minds. Dreams, expectations and reality can blur, but in the real world it’s never quite as simple as we hoped.


Genre: Drama
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Length in minutes: 05.14
YEAR: 2020