You Look Pretty Up Here

In the wake of a tense breakup, a young actress accidentally crashes her ex-boyfriend’s retreat to a remote Oregon cabin.

‘You Look Pretty Up Here’ is a gentle and patient romance about boundaries and forgiveness, inspired by films like Kogonada’s ‘Columbus’ and Andrew Haigh’s ‘Weekend.’ Featuring ten original songs by Portland musician Jake Mackie, sumptuous cinematography by Isaac O’Farrell, and heartbreaking performances by New York theatre artist Monica Sanborn and street-cast newcomer Joshua Donohue. Filmed entirely on location in Rhododendron, Oregon.

In the wake of a tense breakup, a young actress accidentally crashes her ex-boyfriend’s retreat to a remote Oregon cabin.

WORLD PREMIERE: Kansas City FilmFest International (March 2023)
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Full Bloom Film Festival (September 2023)
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Seattle Film Summit (September 2023)
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Local Sightings Film Festival (September 2023)

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QUARTER-FINALIST: Plot Point International Screenwriting Awards (2020/2021)
FINALIST – OFFICIAL SELECTION: Cordillera International Film Festival (2021)
SEMI-FINALIST – SHORT SCREENPLAY: Scriptation Showcase (2021)
QUARTER-FINALIST: Pittsburgh Shorts Film Festival & Script Competition (2021)
SEMI-FINALIST: Film Pipeline Short Script Competition (2021)
SEMI-FINALIST: Richmond International Film Festival (2022)

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

directed and edited by Thom Hilton
written by Thom Hilton and Ethan River Cohen
starring Monica Sanborn and Joshua Donohue
produced by Mark McGann
original songs by Jake Mackie
director of photography Isaac O’Farrell
sound editing and mixing by Roman Chimienti
creative consultant and colorist: Harrison Sheehan
assistant editor: Jr Gonzalez
make-up designs: Sprout Chinn
director’s assistant: Brooke Banister
consulting producer: Zoë La Du

The story behind the film

The original story for this film was written by DJ Ethan River Cohen in early 2019. It was picked up in 2021 by actor and writer Thom Hilton, who did a pass on the screenplay and began submitting it. After garnering recognition from six film festivals and screenwriting competitions – including a live reading at the Cordillera International Film Festival in Reno, Nevada – Hilton spent a year sourcing the perfect cabin for the film to take place in. After finding a gorgeous A-frame in Rhododendron, Oregon at the base of Mount Hood, a modest crowdfunding campaign took place, and the short’s modest budget of just eight thousand dollars was secured. The film’s two lead actors are Monica Sanborn, a theater creator from New York City, and Joshua Donohue, a street-cast cook and skateboarder from Portland, Oregon. The film was made in four days with three microphones, three lights, and a crew of eight people. Original music features prominently in the film, all of which was composed by Portland musician Jake Mackie.


Genre: Romance
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 20
YEAR: 2023