Weekend in the Forest

Alex is afraid of his girlfriend Amina and regularly dreams of her killing him. When she takes him on a camping trip to the forest and he confesses that he cheated on her, he fears the worst. But to his amazement Amina reacts calmly and understandingly. Nevertheless, she behaves extremely strangely towards him afterwards. Alex’s distrust grows. Are his nightmares coming true?

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Alex: Gregory Reymont
Amina: Christina Spaar
Director & Editor: Micha Meyer
Writer: Micha Meyer & Timon Meyer
Director of Photography: Mischa Müller
Assistant Director: Timon Meyer
Camera Operator: Daniel Eskandar
Sound Master: Nathanael Minoletti
Sound Design: Micha Meyer
Coloring: Mischa Müller
SFX Make-up Artist: Daria Meienhofer
Make-up Artist: Donia Mayer
Catering: Ursula Weber


Genre: Drama / Horror
Country: Switzerland
Language: Swiss German (English Subtitles)
Length in minutes: 17
YEAR: 2020