This is a contemporary tale of how much the social-media dreams of being famous can push the girls to growing up faster; but sometimes in a lower-class-ignorant family of a wasteland suburbs that kind of dreams can be dangerous because an innocent girl don’t know how to handle it.
For Tina this is the only hope to go away but like a fish in a small jar or a flypaper she is forced to stay in trap.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Writer/Director : Antonio Vasaturo

The story behind the film

I’ve always be interested in whats behind a post on social media, the exact moment before and after, the silence, the breath, the grimaces, the whispering sound in the ambience.
I think that it’s the only very true moment of the ritual of posting somethings online. So during my everyday scrolling when a girl appeare on my screen i always think about that. This is why i started to spying my sister and than i wrote TINA.


Genre: Drama / Teen / Coming of Age
Country: Italia
Language: italian
Length in minutes: 16:26
YEAR: 2022