The Stranger

When Blake returns home for Christmas, she finds a stranger claiming to be her sister.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed by Katherine Oostman
Written by Carolina Garrigo & Katherine Oostman
Produced by Rika Dharmesh Bhakta

Starring . . .
Melissa Saint-Amand as BLAKE
Autumn Dial as LILY
Ashley LeConte Campbell as TRUDY

Cinematography by Layne Inselman
Edited by Carolina Garrigo
Sound Design by Katherine Oostman
Original Score by David Urbinati

The story behind the film

There’s something fundamentally haunting about psychological thrillers. They’re chilling, not because they’re gruesome, but because they manifest immersive nightmares from a simple doubt and speak to morality through visceral physicality. Everyone has knocked on the actual or proverbial door of reconciliation, everyone has hurt someone they love. Mistakes are a fundamental element to human nature, but so is forgiveness – if allowed. However, in The Stranger, Blake is faced with the realization that, because of her mistakes, no one believes her. Not even her mother. This is one of my greatest fears: to hurt someone I love so deeply that not only do they distrust me, but they replace what we had with a delusion (or worse, forget me entirely) because of the damage I caused.


Genre: Psychological / Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 13:01
YEAR: 2020