The Music Box

A young women finds a creative way to deal with her grief by holding on to something, but sometimes letting go is enough.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

A film by Daniel John Peters

Christine Walsh
Adam J Bennett

The story behind the film

Recently I have been struggling to be productive due to bad thoughts about losing my Dad

Like anyone, when a family member has health problems…sometimes we only imagine the worst even though they are still here with us

To get me through I’ve been writing music and I wrote this short film

I wanted it to focus on how I feel through someone else’s life and their creativity

Rather than the main lead be a filmmaker, she is a dancer. So she is feeling everything through dance…which is also what her mother did.

As the story unravels, she brings dance/music into play to remember her mother how she thinks is best

But sometimes the best way is to let them go. Holding on to them in a form you think is best can maybe be complex in a way that is not needed

So to make that point get across, I made the music box break so her mother wasn’t kept anywhere

You can remember loved ones without having something psychical


Genre: Drama / Emotional / Loss / Creative / Sad / Family
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Length in minutes: 9:23
YEAR: 2020