Tarte aux pommes

A world where everything revolves around the apple (and the pie), a world where those who do not follow this model are rejected by others. From a very young age, children are educated about the anatomy of the apple, they are given gifts around it, they eat it in different ways. We represent this through the main moments in the lives of some young people, their first steps in this world.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Réalisation Noé Vercaemst et Davide Fecarotti
Produit par Baffo
Assistant réalisation Amaury Foucart
Directeur de la Photographie Arthur Havet
Etalonnage Olga kriukova
Musique Third Flight – Love love love
Titres Chloé Vandewalle
Avec Lilou David et Arthur David, Louis Gaillard, Nil Vercaemst, Félicie Delloye, Tevin Bounthong, Elie Sander
Making of Basile Doise

Remerciements spéciaux à Nadine et Didier Veron
La compagnie de Charlie
Laetitia Vasseur et Daniel Vercaemst
Xinying David et Olivier David
Thomas Barbesson
Louis Gaillard
Esa Saint Luc Tournai
Tarte aux pommes


Genre: Experimental
Country: France
Language: English
Length in minutes: 1,30min
YEAR: 2020