The Missionary

When Broeder Willy decides to resurrect missionary work at a local convent in Belgium, it becomes his life’s work. For over 40 years he’s collected and distributed essential items like furniture, clothing, medical equipment, and hygiene products to those in need. Dedicating his life to service and compassion he has only one goal – to give the underprivileged a dignified life.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Featuring Broeder Willy
Directed & Produced by Antoine van Aerde & Max Knaapen
Special Thanks to LAHBS

Director's Statement

“Max and I united by chance, quickly bonding over a shared love for impactful, human stories. Upon discovering Broeder Willy’s tale, a man devoted to aiding others and single-handedly reviving a whole Missionary community, we were inspired. His story illustrates that anyone can effect change if they desire so. It highlights the significance of having a purpose and where it can lead to. Through this film, we aim to motivate as many people to make a positive impact on this world just as Broeder Willy has done for the last 40 years.”

-Antoine van Aerde


Genre: Documentary
Country: Belgium
Language: Dutch
Length in minutes: 7
YEAR: 2024