The Little Thief

After stealing a bean from a local market, a young boy experiences guilt for the first time.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed by Nicole Vanden Broeck
Written by András Roder
Produced by Jervis Li
Cinematography by András Roder
Production Design by Astrid Anderson
Edited by Benjamin Tolentino
Starring Kue Lawrence, Nell Geisslinger, Michael Maino

The story behind the film

The writer, András Roder, who is also the director of photography and executive producer of the project, came up with the story from a personal experience he had as a kid. He once stole one bean from a market and had nightmares about it.
It’s always challenging to direct kids, but working with actors is my favorite part of filmmaking. We needed a 6-year-old boy and as soon as I saw Kue Lawrence, I knew it was him. After casting him, we found out he had shared scenes with Steve Carell in a Beautiful Boy and we were even more excited to have the opportunity to work with him, he did an amazing job.
During production, the hardest thing to achieve was the production design of the market. We wanted to set the story in the early ‘50s, so we rented a warehouse and built it from scratch, so a considerable part of our budget went into making this happen.
Finally, the post production process was smooth. Our editor Benjamin Tolentino has an incredible amount of experience, he’s very talented and easy to collaborate with.


Genre: Drama / Coming of Age
Country: USA
Language: No dialogue
Length in minutes: 3min
YEAR: 2020