The Laundromat

A man working at a Laundromat in Dubai gets some news.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written & Directed by: Ekta Saran

Director of Photography: Tom Weir
Cast: Naveed
Voice Actor: Saman Hayat Soomro
Executive Producers: Action Film Rentals, Crispin Dominic, Fares Corbani
Producer: Dan Aranha
Editor: Roshni D’Souza
Sound Design & Original Music: Reiner Erlings
Crew: Aarti Trikannand, Bharat Dholi and Barbar Hussain, Ralf Jigger
Key Grip: Andy Gribble
Trinity 2 Trainers: Curt Schaller, Fares Corbani, Leon Moralic
Trinity 2 Operators:
Ioana Tarchila, Tom Le Baric, Dani Dagher, Aljosa korencan, Manu El Garcia, Alphonse Dagher, Manpreet Singh, Csaba Nemesház, Samy Steven, Sanch Maina, Alejandro Giro, Domini Alcantara, Hamzah, Adrià Escanilla
Online Editor: Pramod Nirwan
Colourist: Brett Rayner

The story behind the film

In my personal work, Iam always looking to tell the stories of a Dubai that isn’t shiny, glitzy or luxurious. They are stories about people who have uprooted themselves far from home. I wanted to explore a moment in the day of a certain someone like that. This is a guy who probably picks up thousands of people’s laundry and even on a bad day, you wouldn’t be able to tell what’s going on with him. I wanted to show that other side of the city that one rarely gets to see.


Genre: Drama
Country: United Arab Emirates
Language: Urdu
Length in minutes: 02:33
YEAR: 2024