Locusts Beyond A Phantasia

A sight-restoring surgery leaves surreal distortions to a man’s vision. Efosa Osaghae directs “Locusts Beyond a Phantasia,” a fantasy-realist film where a photographer must distinguish between reality and illusion through his Polaroid camera. As he removes the blindfolds with the help of his surgeon, the photographer is informed of certain precautions and side effects that could follow the procedure. It seems to have been successful for the most part—he sits in the sun-lit park and appreciates the spectacle it offers. However, as some individuals in the park get closer, distortion occurs: a man is cloned into three, a woman’s dog stands up in human form, and an ensemble of hooded dancers configure a routine. In this romantic take on surrealism, Osaghae builds a quaintly futurist world while tenderly ruminating photo and imagery.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director-Writer: Efosa Osaghae. Producer: Massimo Filippi, Efosa Osaghae. Cast: Rodney Charles, Bryony Miller, Bodo Friesecke. DP: Dominic Lake, Production Designer: Kate Sutton.


Genre: Fantasy
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Length in minutes: 05:46
YEAR: 2024