The Last of Us: They Will Come

Ellie must fight her way out of a spore infested house as hunters and a terrifying clicker hunt her down. As she is haunted by flashbacks from her fight with Abby, her morality is tested alongside her brutality.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed, shot & edited by: Tommy Jackson
Written by: Tommy Jackson & Isaac Gonzalez
Executive producers: Tommy Jackson, Isaac Gonzalez, Jan Levardy
Makeup: Tommy Jackson & Isaac Gonzalez
Set Designer & Art Design: Tommy Jackson
Color & VFX: Tommy Jackson
Sound and mixing: Isaac Gonzalez
Sound design: Tommy Jackson
1st AD: Isaac Gonzalez
Head Grip: Isaac Gonzalez
Stunt Coordinator: Tommy Jackson
Colorist: Tommy Jackson
Set Design and art Department: Tommy Jackson
Original Score: Peter Lam
Charlie Bain: Robert/Clicker
Sophia Medley: Mother/ Michelle
Claire Read: Kate
Bobby Romay: Benjamin
Jordyn Monroe Martin: Rose
Ian Griffin: Kessler
Pete Berwick: Frank
Rebecca Hodge: Ellie
Caitlin Mcwethy: Abby
Jesse Hernandez
Jack Burr
Wendlin Jonas
Grant Stevens
Thea L Anderson
Matt Hartsfeld
Chris Miller
Felix Alexander
Pat Cliff
Justin Mobley
Trey Romay
Stephanie Zhong

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Genre: Fan Film / Post Apocalyptic
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 15:40
YEAR: 2021