The Last of Us: Ellie's Revenge

As Ellie struggles to cope with the death of Joel, she uses her violent rage to fight her way through every obstacle in her way.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed, Shot, and Edited by Tommy Jackson
INSTAGRAM: @indieblackmagic

Executive Producers: Tommy Jackson & Jan Levardy @janko_vlyrd
Producers: Lisa Bagby, Rebecca Hodge
Future Days Cover by: Emilie Westover & Jade Westover @mulli_lynn @jeidoban
Color & VFX: Tommy Jackson
Production Company: Indie Black Magic
Score by Peter Lam:​
Original Credits Song “Lost Myself” by Enkay47

Official Music Video Enkay47 “Lost Myself”:​

Oregon Team:
1st AD: Lisa Bagby
Associate Producer: Isaac Gonzalez @infamousmig
PA: Michelle Correa @itsmichelleok
Makeup: Greyson Murray @grey_makes_monsters
Ellie: Rebecca Hodge @xbecs
Dina: Allesondra Helwig @itsallesondra
Jesse: Saikong Yang @saikongyang
Abby: Mary Krantz @maryfkrantz
Head Grip: Isaac Gonzalez
Stunt Coordinator: Tommy Jackson @indieblackmagic
Colorist: Tommy Jackson
WLF Soldier: Barrett Dunn

Atlanta Team
1st AD: Anchitta Noowong @anchittafilm
Stunt Coordinator: Jared M. Reeder
Associate Producers: Jared M. Reeder & Ivan Diaz, Anchitta Noowong @highspeed_reed @director_ivan
Production Designer & Colorist: Tyler Holender @tylerholender
Joel: Thomas Strickland @thomas_c_strickland
Ellie: Amy Kay @Amy Kay ASMR
Makeup: Renonda Anderson


Genre: Fan Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 15:36
YEAR: 2021