Stop Chasing Flower Girlz !

A classic “girl breaks up with boy, girls meets mythical being, girl transforms, girl kills boy and mythical being” type of queer love story.

Stop Chasing Flower Girlz ! opens on a fight between a couple – the artist Josephine and the Flowerboy. This distress pushes the two apart, and soon, the rollerskating Blue Queen (BQ) notices Josephine. The meeting transforms Josephine into the Red Queen, and she’s given a gun. Now, the trio travel to the hills of Topanga where Josephine and BQ frolic, enjoying themselves, until the time comes where Josephine must do the deed. Ultimately, she kills the Flowerboy and BQ – choosing herself first, but in the act she transforms into the Flowergirl. Moral of the story: Stop Chasing Flower Girlz !!!!

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed / Edited / Animated by Nick Deliberto

Ciel Eckard-Lee
Shaina Rose

Costumes and makeup by Shaina Rose

The story behind the film

Stop Chasing Flower Girlz ! is a punk rock music video. Filmed on a mixture of VHS, handicam, and 16mm footage, the footage was processed several times over and layered through analog video synthesizers to create this hypnotic and kaleidoscopic journey of self discovery and transformation as a queer person in Venice, CA.


Genre: Music Video
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 3:48
YEAR: 2024