Two estranged friends reconnect for the first time during a shady deal gone awry.

Featured on Film Shortage’s Daily Picks! “Stevie” is a character driven, dark comedy with heart and laughs. Everyone knows a Stevie in their lives. The lovable screw-up you can’t help but empathize with even though he constantly screws things up. He always needs just one more chance.

Friendship is a bad deal.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written and Directed by Eric L Thompson
Starring Andrew Garrett, Jake Sidney Cohen and Braden Overwater.
Produced by Eric Thompson and Aj Apone
Co-Producer Heather Brawley
DoP Peter Koocheradis
Editor Joshua Russell
Make-up Erin Blinn

The making of Stevie

Stevie was a labor of love, filmed with no budget and the help of my colleagues and friends. We had scheduled the shoot late in 2018, but heavy rainfall came to Los Angeles (a rarity) and since we were filming all outdoors so we had to push. The next time we were scheduled to film, it rained again. And then FOUR MORE TIMES after that. Finally we picked a weekend in February of 2019 and set off to film. We were filmed overnights in the warehouse parking lot of my producer’s make up FX shop (MEL) in North Hollywood. We actually still were rained out towards the end of the first night and had to call it early. But ultimately we got it all done in two long nights, wrapping at 5am on Sunday and having celebratory beers as the sun came up. Then we all went home and went to sleep. This was a great project and a lot of fun to bring to life.


Genre: Dark Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 13
YEAR: 2020