RISING is a tribute to the relentless resilience of the human spirit. During this global pandemic we have collaborated with an international array of 14 cinematographers to create this inspiring message of hope. In a time when the issues of the world would have us divided, this film demonstrates what can be achieved when we work together. RISING shows the beauty of the world that surrounds us and the power of unity and human connection.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed by GRIZZLY
Produced by GRIZZLY and The Tenth Man
Voice Over by Denise Chaila
Cinematography (Ireland) by GRIZZLY
Script by Sarah Coffey
Original Score by Eric Whelan
Vocals by Roisin El Cherif
Edit by Ciaran Murray
Grade by Gary Curran / Outer Limits
Titles by Richard Seabrooke & Aisling Redmond
Motion Graphics by Ian Downes
Agency Producers: Sarah Coffey & Eric Davidson

International Cinematographers:
Alhamadi, Liam Allen, Ivan Egorov, Rakaia El-Kasaby, Martin Gajc, Rich Gilligan, Ben Glassco, Abraham Joseph, George Karbus, Donal Murphy, Ali Musoke, Hooman Najafi, Singha Quansuwan, Niraj Kumar Tiwari, Richard Twomey.

Cast (in order of appearance):
Narayanan Kutty, Shaghayegh Najafi, Somaye Farokhi, Mark Pollock, Sophia Varos, Ali Hasheminezhad, Azoz, Eilsih McLoughlin, Tiernan Messitt Greene, Meadhbh_Maxwell, Oat Phakapong, Fiona Stout, Jehnova, Mohammad Sharifian, Robyn Gilligan, Crystal Kim, Naquash V, Mohammad Nazim S, Kwaku Fortune, Gillian Buckle, Joshua Karbus, Frank Whelan, Sophie Merry, Yana Perovskaya, Aleksandra Baiandina, Diana Mejerhold, Marina Komissarova, Nuxsense, Maisy Malone, Milo Malone, Sarah Mousavi, Annabella Mazzaro, Lilian Maxmillian Nabaggala, Kathrina Rupit, Yousif Saleh, Jack Toner, Thais Guadalupe, Mariane Defreitas, Tahere Mahdavi.


Genre: Experimental / Documentary
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Length in minutes: 5
YEAR: 2020