Scrap of Paper

Scrap of Paper is an intense British short film drama following Mikey as he is released from prison following a stint for a crime he didn’t do. Whilst he leaves with the hopes of leaving the past behind, it soon becomes evident that his past wants no part of Mikey to have a future.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Victor de Almeida (Director/Co-Producer/Co-writer)
Jonathan Bridle (co-writer)
Matthew J Hicks (Cinematography)
Rebecca Mc Jagger (Editing)
Tom Basri/Austin Collton (Composers)
Dorothea Jones/Pam
Toby Redpath/Mikey
Jack Caulfield/Ray
Harold Addo/Detective

The story behind the film

Scrap of Paper began its pre-production in late 2020 amidst the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite several difficulties, its cast and crew were able to navigate them to deliver an intense and compelling short. Inspired by a story by Rob Walker and originally penned by Jonathan Bridle, Scrap of Paper appeared on the director’s radar who was immediately captivated but what Jonathan had written. Victor de Almeida then decided to redraft the script in his vision and four months later the team shot the first half of the film. The first half of production took place in February 2021 and due to setbacks outside the productions control, the second half of the film was not shot until one year later in February 2022 with post production being locked in February 2023.

The aim of the director was to make an intense quintessential British drama, a short that could make you feel as captivated as if you had watched a feature.


Genre: Drama
Country: United Kingdom
Language: German
Length in minutes: 32 mins
YEAR: 2023