Rip & Run

Rip & Run is a proof-of-concept idea, it’s a teaser for a larger story, commercially leaning in its style, specifically aimed for tv, though ‘movie’ type tv with a spectacle & substance feel. It’s a Neo-Western, with modern-day sensibilities & a cityscape aesthetic fused with crime & drama.

The two protagonists (Jack & Tank) resort to reckless measures for what they believe is a good but desperate cause. To them what they decide to undertake is necessary. They’ll do a little evil for a greater good. Though in taking such action, they stumble knee deep into something they did not foresee leaving them with little choice but to pursue regardless of any threat, risk or cost. It’s broiling, pulse raising, full of high stakes & adrenaline with a cool twist at the end.

The short version is very singular & direct in its experience. Hard nosed & to the point. The longer version included below is more layered with multi-narritives which connect & run parallel to each other. Ultimately in both versions you can see where the Rip & Run idea is heading and what it can go on to futrher be, particularly as a miniseries upscaled & expanded.

If you like films such as Elite Squad, Heat and anything else cut form that cloth. Then Rip & Run is for you.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

produced, written, directed – Daniel Boocock
Cast – short version
Jak Corrie
Dan Gittens
Kevin Glynn
Dan Boie Kratfeldt
Randy Guine

Watch the full-length version

Exclusive: Watch the longer Version which is multi-narrative (prelude to a pilot)


Genre: Action / Drama
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Length in minutes: 17
YEAR: 2023