Crouched on a raft. It’s to serve tonki soup. To dirty bastards.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

With Laurence Giroux—Do, Jean—Cimon Tellier, Jean—François Sugar, Paige Barlow & Alice Renald

Production x Lisbon Lux Records
Executive Producer x Julien Manaud
Production Manager x Tabatha Sedano
Director x Jean—Vital Joliat
Director of Photography x Maxime Valsan
1st Assistant Camera x Eloic Hamel
Artistic Direction x Laurence Giroux-Do & Jean—Cimon Tellier
Editor x Jean—Vital Joliat
Colorist x Mathieu Marano (Cineground)

The story behind the film

With this short musical piece, we wanted to create a punk, funny and very dynamic universe inspired by action movies, especially hold—ups, but with a raw visual touch.


Genre: Music Video
Country: Canada
Language: French
Length in minutes: 02:20
YEAR: 2023