Rapt Tongue

Maria lives in the woods with her eunuch companion. From far away, she hears John, a lone man in an empty house, who is trying to put together a sentence form Revelation 22:13 (in Biblical Greek).
She begins her journey to help him put together the sentence. John creates maps of his coordinates that mysteriously appear for Maria. As she makes her way towards his house, she turns the phrase around.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Todd Carter-director, writer, producer, composer
David Ruzicka-Director of Photography
Mauricio Escamilla-Sound
Pola Esther-Art Director
Will Tinsley-PA
Andrew Muzin-PA

Ariadne Greif-Maria
Chuck Stein-John
Bill Finizio-Luke


Genre: Experimental / Musical
Country: USA
Language: Biblical Greek
Length in minutes: 11:30
YEAR: 2018