Short experimental documentary about long-distance swimmer Rostislav Vítek. In his life- time journey he has conquered around 60 000 km of water. What one has to sacrifice and accept if he decides to become long-distance swimmer? Notes from his notebook give us a sense of what he experiences while swimming in open waters. Filmed on Aaton Xtr 16mm & Kodak film.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Swimmer: Rostislav Vítek
Director: Luboš Rezler
Cinematography: Tomáš Kotas
Editor: Filip de Pina
Sound: Kryštof Blabla
Production: Matěj Kačírek
Color: Vlad Barin
Color production: Francesca Chadwick
Colored at CHEAT IT
Underwater support Miloslav Dvořáček
Camera assistants Ondřej Kymla, Norbert Pokorný

Special thanks to: Panavision, CHEAT IT, Biofilms, Gosausee boat rental, Swimming pool Kraví Hora

The story behind the film


Genre: Experimental / Documentary
Country: Czech Republic
Language: Czech / Eng subtitles
Length in minutes: 2:37
YEAR: 2019